About me

I am a UI/UX design professional, living and working in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have a background in social communications, and I am passionate about web-based interactive documentaries. I believe in the power of design and storytelling.

How did I get here?

My interest in web and mobile app design started from when I was studying social communication in Barcelona. I did researches about web documentaries and I was fascinated by interactive storytelling and data visualization. After I studied at Langara College, I found the career path I want to follow: become a UI/UX designer and establish a design studio in the future.

My value as a designer

• Diligent. I’m hardworking and determined.

• Creative. I come up with unique ideas.

• Responsible. I’m reliable and always do my best.

• Open-minded. I’m willing to learn new tools and technologies.

• Teamwork oriented. I collaborate well with other team members.

My skills

• UI Design (UI kit, mockups, interaction)

• UX Design (user flow, persona, wireframing)

• Branding Design (logo design and brand identity)

• Graphic Design (posters, marketing materials, illustrations)

• Motion Graphic Design

• Video Editing

• Front-end Development