Project Fuelture is a platform that helps potential EV (Electric Vehicle) owners and enthusiasts by providing information, comparisons and recommendations.


Fuelture is a group project created in 13 weeks during the third term at Langara College. The course constraints were to make a responsive data-driven web platform, and with the increased conversation around electric vehicles (EVs), it was decided to create a website that provides information and tools for EV enthusiasts or users who want to know more about the Canadian EV industry. It recommends EV models, provides a map of charging stations, displays visualized statistics and lists the latest news of the industry.

My role in the team

The team consisted of 6 students, 4 designers and 2 developers. I was the project manager (PM) and UI/UX designer. As the PM, I made schedules, hosted meetings, assigned tasks and compiled documentation. To help the team collaborate efficiently, I listed the topics we were going to cover before each meeting and explained them in detail. After the meetings, I wrote meeting minutes to summarize our discussions.

UX section

As a UX designer, I researched the market, designed the user flow, one of the persona, wireframes for the news, tools and map pages.

Competitor analysis

I researched the market and compared our platform with these competitors: Plug In BC, INSIDEEVs and PG&E.

User flow


Wireframes - Desktop

Wireframes - Mobile

UI section

As a UI designer, I designed the project logo, created UI kit, illustrations and the infographic used on the tools page, as well as participating in visualizing the data sets. I also designed the mock-ups for the news, tools and map pages. Finally, I created the project presentation slides and project proposal template and content.


I named the project and designed its logo. Fuelture is a memorable name because it is the homophones of the word future and is associated with fuel and energy. It means that green fuel for vehicles will bring us a brighter future. It is a catchy and easy-to-remember name, so I designed a wordmark logo to create strong brand recognition. The minimalist design matches the clean and modern UI style. A flash icon is added to the brand name because our platform focuses on the EV industry.

UI kit


Mockups - Desktop

Mockups - Mobile

Tools used

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