The BreakFirst App helps users who sit for long periods reduce sedentary health risks, by reminding them to stand up and take a break from working. It encourages the user to engage in physical exercises using their mobile devices.


BreakFirst is the fourth term capstone project accomplished while studying at Langara College. Considering the course constraints and the importance of a healthy lifestyle, it was decided to create a mobile app that helps users mitigate a sedentary lifestyle.

My role in the team

The team consisted of 6 students, 4 designers and 2 developers. I was the project manager (PM) and UI/UX designer. As the PM, I made schedules, hosted meetings, assigned tasks and compiled documentation. To help the team collaborate efficiently, I listed the topics we were going to cover before each meeting and explained them in detail. After the meetings, I wrote meeting minutes to summarize our discussions.

UX section

As a UX designer, I researched the market, designed the user flow, one of the personas, and created the wireframes for all the screens.

User flow



UI section

As a UI designer, I worked on the UI kit, which included typography, colour palette, icon set, UI components. I organized the components into a design library, designed mockups for app and promo website, created illustrations and motion graphics. I also worked on marketing materials, proposal, and presentation slides.


I named the project and designed its logo. Sometimes we are too focused on work or studying, and forget to take care of ourselves. By using this name, we want to remind users that it is important to take a break and do some exercises. I designed a combination logo because I wanted it to be responsive and adapt to multiple platforms. The logo concept is a desk or cubical space, and I used a grid to create its shape. I also used different colours to emphasize the three-dimensionality.

UI kit


Key screens

Interaction design

Tools used

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