High5 is an app that helps users connect with kindred spirits, talk about common hobbies and participate in them together. Using High5, users can find people with similar interests and expand their social circle.


High5 is a group project we created within 13 weeks during the second term of study at Langara College. With High5, users can post a question and other users who see the post can offer help by starting a chat. Users can post activities with a specific description, a picture, the expected date and time. Other users who might be interested in the post can show their appreciation by clicking the “High5” button or get in touch by sending a message to the creator of the post. It also enables users to filter posts by category and distance. In this way, users can only view the posts that they are interested in.

My role in the team

The team consisted of 5 students, 3 designers and 2 developers. I was the project manager (PM) and UI/UX designer. As the PM, I made schedules, hosted meetings, assigned tasks and compiled documentation. To help the team collaborate efficiently, I listed the topics we were going to cover before each meeting and explained them in detail. After the meetings, I wrote meeting minutes to summarize our discussions.

UX section

As a UX designer, I researched the market, designed the user flow and the wireframes for all screens.

User flow


UI section

As a UI designer, I designed the logo and illustrations, worked on typography, components, and mockups.


I designed the project logo and made an animation for splash, loading and “under construction” screens. The concepts behind the logo design are a smiling face, the shape of waving hand, and word “Hi”.



Tools used

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