Just Play

Just Play is an e-commerce mobile app in which users can buy new video games and trade used video games. It is a UX case study focused on user flow and wireframing.

Background and requirements

I started this case study to practice my UX planning skills and familiarize myself with e-commerce app design. The requirements are:

• iOS/Android compatible

The design should work for both iOS and Android.

• Exclusive brand ads and article section required

There should be a dedicated section for brand ads and articles posted on the platform.

• P2P trades only, no sales just chat

Users can buy new shoes on the platform with a standard cart and shipping experience. Chat function required to complete P2P video game trading.

• Ratings, information and reviews needed

Users should see ratings, information and reviews regarding the items they are browsing on the product detail page to help them make decisions.

• User profile is needed

Guests can browse new video games, read trade posts and articles. Only registered users can buy, chat and add reviews and ratings.

User flow


On the login screen, users can choose not to log in or sign up and continue as a guest. On the buy screen, they can click the icon on the top left, to sort the items by category. The search function is visible on the top for users to look for the product they want. Search suggestions make the search process easier.

Cart icon is visible all the time, so the users can access their cart at any time, and edit the items easily. The chat function is added to trade posts so the users can talk to the owner to trade the video game.

Users can read articles regarding video games on the blog screen and check related items mentioned in the article. On the profile screen, users can edit their accounts, manage the orders and posts.

Tools used

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